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Robotics Research Lab
Category: Robotics \ Institutes

autonomous/mobile robotics, robot colonies, neural networks, machine learning, motor control, assembly planning, robot hands, robot helicopters.


ANU Robotic Systems Lab
Category: Robotics \ Research

Based at the Australian National University. RSL undertakes research projects with real robots working in the real world, in real time. Research topics include co-operative robot systems, mobile robot navigation, active vision, robot learning and human-robot/computer interaction.

Quality Used Robots and Robot Systems
Category: Robotics

Buy and sell used robots and robot systems for many different applications, all sold with warranty. ICR has a extensive inventory of robot parts and other industrial electronics. Large Robotic and PLC training facility and repair center for industrial electronics ......

Personal Robot Technologies, Inc.
Category: Robotics \ Developers

provides books, videos, and membership in the Smart Robot Network.

Mondo-tronics' Robot Store
Category: Robotics \ Developers

robot kits, books, software packages and videos

Palm Pilot Robot Kit
Category: Robotics \ Robots

explains how to build an autonomous robot controlled by a handheld device.

Robot Invasion
Category: Robotics \ Web Directories

Directory of recent robot-related new articles and books. Site also includes a discussion forum.

Georgia Tech Mobile Robot Lab
Category: Robotics \ Research

The Mobile Robot Laboratory's charter is to discover and develop fundamental scientific principles and practices that are applicable to intelligent mobile robot systems. In addition, it is the goal of this laboratory to facilitate technology transfer of its research results ......

B9 Robot Builders Club, The
Category: Robotics \ Robots

group of people who combine resources, offer advice, and share ideas about building a B9 robot.

The FLAT 2-D Robot Simulator
Category: Robotics \ Software

Simulates an RWI circular, sonar-guided robot in a flat 2D world. Includes a physical simulator, sonar, and laser rangefinder simulators. The simulated robot has internal odometry, one or two laser rangefinders, and 12 sonar sensors. You can design your own ......

Robot Crusade
Category: Robotics \ Competitions

organizing live robot events in the U.K. that are fair, safe, and enjoyable with demonstrations and combat featuring such well known robots as "Razer" and "Skeletron."

Robot Maxamilian
Category: Robotics

information on how to build your own computerized Android robot head with dual-color video-cam eyes, six servos, and audio I/O.

IU Hardware Methods Group
Category: Robotics \ Research

Research topics include Kirchoff machines, robot locomotion, and vision. Site also includes information on the Stiquito six legged robot.

Robot Competition FAQ
Category: Robotics \ FAQs

Information and dates for all known Robot-related competions and contests. It is updated monthly and posted to comp.robotics.misc and news.anwers.

KUKA Robotics Group
Category: Robotics

The KUKA Robot Group is a leader in the production of industrial robots worldwide. KUKA offers a full, unique range of industrial robots and robot systems, one that covers all weight-classes and robot types. The robots can be found in ......
Results for: Robot [1-15 of 50] Page 1 2 3 4 Next
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